Andrés & Jessica

This is a special one to me.

Jess is one of my dearest friends and means more than words can say. We shared an office the size of a small closet for about 9 months with our friend Lea, and we grew a friendship between us that I know is so special and so blessed. She has walked with me through some of my hardest seasons, and continually teaches me what faithfulness and courage look like. In that little closet office, we talked a lot about our dreams for the future and what we hoped God might do in our lives. We prayed together a lot. And I know we prayed for Jess’s husband.

And a little over a year later, there was Andrés. They got to know each other because he was the best man at her sister’s wedding, and she was the Maid of Honor. The cutest.

Sadly, I didn’t actually get to meet him until I flew to New Jersey for their weddings. I just had what Jess would tell me—I knew he was spontaneous, adventurous, engaging, and of course I knew he loved our Jess so well. Then I actually met him at their wedding, and I was floored. I was completely amazed at how perfect he is for her.

And I couldn’t stop smiling at her wedding for so many reasons. 1) We loved seeing our girl so, so happy 2) Jess’s family and friends I had never met before basically adopted me and counted me as part of the family from the second I got there 3) they did their wedding in a way that was so them—quiet, simple and intimate by a gorgeous waterfall with a small dinner, and then 2 days later they had a BIG ole reception with more people they loved.

Thank you, God. Through these two we’re reminded once again of how much you love us.

Katherine Gunning

Every time I hang with Madison, I’m always reminded of this:

What the world needs most from you today is for you to show up.

Exactly as you are, right now.

Even (and especially) the messy parts of you.

We need you.

We need your quirks, your voice, your imperfections, your loud laugh, your unique brilliance.

You’re not perfect today.

None of us are.

And when one of us decides to embrace that reality and dance in both who they are and who they’re becoming, they offer freedom to those around them to do the same.

Thanks for dancing boldly, Madison. We are all so much better because we know you.

Katherine Gunning
joseph & laura rose

I’d like to begin telling you how much I love Joseph and Laura Rose by beginning with a short story.

Joseph invited me to shoot his proposal to Laura Rose. It’s always so special when people let me in to that. I love proposals. But also, full disclosure, they make me nervous. There’s a lot of pressure because you have to get one, big moment and preferably, you don’t cause distractions and stay as unseen as possible.

Well y’all, they saw me.

Because as soon as Joseph got down on one knee, I got one shot and then I FELL. FLAT ON MY BOOTY.

He popped the question and I slid and fell (thankfully not on top of my camera so yes I kept shooting the whole time) in a very obvious way.

And you want to know how awesome these two are? They laughed at me. And told me it made the whole thing even better and more memorable. HAH. I told you. THEY ARE PURE GOLD.

Their relationship encourages me to no end. They are the kindest, funniest people to be around and DANG they love everyone around them beautifully. They give so much life and love to everyone in their atmosphere, and they’re who everyone wants to hang around. I think that’s one of the most defining marks of an exceptionally special relationship. I hope you get to know and love them like I have even just a little bit through these images (and I’m sharing their proposal AND engagement, because having to choose between them just felt wrong).

These two are the kinds of people that make me LOVE my job.

Happy Wedding Weekend, sweet friends.

PS: make sure you make it all the way to the end. The outtakes are worth it.

PPS: Although the whole “falling during the proposal” turned out pretty well, I’d prefer not to ever do it again. If you ever book me for a proposal from here on out, fear not, I’ll probably show up in cleats with metal spikes.

Katherine Gunning

Wow. Sometimes you just get blessed out of your socks to work with people that are a DREAM in every way. I had never met Angel, but as soon as we got together I felt like I had known her for years. She’s so fun and encouraging and adventurous. We spent an afternoon just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company and got to make some photo magic in the process.

Katherine Gunning