Photography is such a personal art form. Your photographer is someone that you are inviting into some of your most important and sacred stories, and it is my firm belief that this person shouldn't feel like a stranger off the street. People are at their best, truest selves when they feel known by the other people in the room and trust them deeply--personal relationship creates honest art. So in my world, you aren’t just a client, you’re a friend. I want to get to know you and your story on an intimate level, and YES I would love to go grab dinner or coffee together! I never want to just be "the photographer." My aim is to build connections that are meaningful. New friends are the best.



As a visual storyteller, one of my very highest goals to create honest and authentic content that you love. When you look back over any work I have done, my hope it that it would take you back to a moment that was true. I've found one of the best ways to produce genuine work is to have genuine relationships. Additionally, when photographing I love to take an observatory approach--I'll direct where I need to, but prefer to take a backseat to the moments unfolding in front of me whenever I can. Whatever I say with my work, I want it to reflect the truth and beauty of its subjects. When you work with me, please just be you. The true, interesting, beautiful, messy you.